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Leaps of Faith offers classes year round.
Our Main Season runs Fall through Spring with classes beginning in September (typically after Labor Day)
and finishing with our Spring Celebration in early June.  We also offer Summer Camps and additional seasonal classes and offerings.
See below for a full list.


Main Season (Fall - Spring)

Weekly technique classes beginning in September and finishing with a performance at our Spring Celebration in early June.

Additional Seasons, Classes and Workshops

Lots of extra fun to continue developing our student's love of dance and worship throughout the year.  This list changes and is updated regularly as opportunities get scheduled.


Dance Styles

We offer different dance technique classes for ages 3 through adult.  Styles are listed below.  Not all styles are available for all ages.  Our classes are broken down by age and ability.  We also take into consideration years of consecutive dance training.  For best class placement where your dancer will excel and grow, we recommend contacting us for a placement consultation.

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Our ballet classes start with Creative Movement (for ages 3-4) and Pre-Ballet (for ages 5-6).  All of our ballet classes use a combination of classical, lyrical and contemporary driven ballet technique that will challenge our dancers creating a strong foundation and well rounded student.

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Our tap classes start with our Pre-tap (for ages 4-5) and then continue with each progression building on technique, rhythm development, musicality, proper form and speed.  All of our tap classes use a combination of basic music theory in combination with terminology driven tap technique.

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Our Jazz classes combines the athleticism and technique of both traditional Jazz and basic Hip-hop in a fun, God honoring way.  Classes are available for dancers ages 7 and up.  Younger dancers (under 7) are encouraged to begin with ballet training first.

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Advanced dancers can continue their ballet journey by training for Pointe work.  Years of training and practice are required to develop the strength and technique needed to perform pointe work.  Advanced, weekly ballet classes, pre-pointe and teacher recommendations are required before continuing into Pointe.

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Our Acro dance classes follow the Acrobatic Arts Syllabus and combines the technique styles of ballet, lyrical and jazz with gymnastic tumbling, limbering and strength training.  Dancers can begin their Acro training at age 5.  All dancers must begin in Level 1 regardless of age. Teacher recommendations are required before leveling up. Weekly ballet, lyrical or jazz classes are also required with Acro training.

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Lyrical uses a mix of ballet and other dance techniques to reflect the lyrics of the music in a graceful tone!  We use it to tell of God's grace and message.  Lyrical classes begin for dancers ages 7 and up.  Younger dancers are encouraged to take pre-ballet/ballet.

Ballet Classes

  • Praise 3's - 30 minute class (Creative movement/Pre-ballet for 3 year olds)

  • Praise 4's - 45 minute class (Combo class of Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet & Pre-Tap geared for 4 year olds)

  • Declare Ballet - 30 minute class (Pre-Ballet for ages 5-6)

  • Rejoice Ballet - 45 minute class (Kids Beginner Ballet)

  • Hallelujah Ballet - 45 minute class (Level 1)

  • Proclaim Ballet - 60 minute class (Level 2)

  • Glorify Ballet - 60 minute class (Level 3)

  • Exalt Ballet - 60 minute class (Level 4) *Instructor approval required!


  • Pre-Pointe/Ballet Conditioning - 30 minute class *Instructor approval required! (Must be enrolled in weekly ballet level 1 or 2)

  • Pointe I - 30 minute class *Instructor approval required! (Must be enrolled in weekly ballet level 3 or 4)

  • Pointe II/III - 45 minute class *Instructor approval required! (Must be enrolled in weekly ballet level 4)

Tap Classes

  • Praise 4's - 45 minute class (Combo class of Creative Movement/Pre-Ballet and Pre-Tap geared for 4 year olds)

  • Tehillah Tap - 30 minute class (Pre-Tap for ages 5-6)

  • Zamar Tap - 30 minute class (Kids Beginner Tap)

  • Towdah Tap - 30 minute class (Level 1)

  • Shebach Tap - 30 minute class (Level 2)

  • Raqad Tap - 30 minute class (Level 3) *Instructor approval required!

Acro Classes

  • Acro 1 - 30 minute class

  • Acro 2 - 45 minute class

  • Acro 3 - 60 minute class *Instructor approval required!

Jazz Classes

  • Jazz 1 - 45 minute class (Beginner)

  • Jazz 2 - 45 minute class (Beginner/Intermediate)

  • Jazz 3 - 60 minute class (Intermediate)

  • Jazz 4 - 60 minute class (Intermediate/Advanced) *Instructor approval required!

Lyrical Classes

  • Lyrical 1 - 45 minute class (Beginner)

  • Lyrical 2 - 45 minute class (Beginner/Intermediate)

  • Lyrical 3 - 45 minute class (Intermediate)

  • Lyrical 4 - 60 minute class (Intermediate/Advanced) *Instructor Approval required

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